What is available?

Our bookstore is a ’traveling’ one. To see our big selection at the lowest prices possible, please stop by the book table at our programs and conferences. We have over a hundred items in stock at any given time: books, audio and video tapes, and religious items (rosaries, chaplets, medals, pins, holy cards, etc.) Our stock is constantly changing so it is impossible to keep an updated list on our website. If you wish to know if a certain item is available, please call our Center 248-559-4544 or Eleanor at 586-268-3731. From time to time, we recommend a special item in our newsletter and make it available to our readers.

Note: We treat everything we sell as a donation since it is more important to get these items to people who will benefit from them than to recoup our cost or break even. However, we do have to add shipping & handling charges for items sent through the mail.

Free Table
At every program, look for our ’free’ table. We offer donated items, literature, holy cards, flyers from other events, magazines, as well as back issues of the Marian Observer. We invite you to take as much as you wish and pass to your friends and family.

(These photos don’t even show the half of it!)