We appreciate our donors but we want to be up-front with you: Since we have reduced our programs, closed the physical office,  and suspended the paper / postal version of the newsletter for the duration of the Covid-19 church activity restrictions,  we don’t feel we should solicit donations as vigorously as before. Our needs are no longer urgent; all we have left is the electronic version of the newsletter, which will continue to be published for the foreseeable future, but its expenses are minimal. That being said, we are still praying about “whether and when” to restart things. Any donations you make will be gratefully accepted and put to good use. We just aren’t sure right now which “good use.” 

We are a non-profit organization and are totally dependent on our newsletter subscribers and the attendees at our programs. Except for our Days of Reflection and conferences, all our programs are free. We only ask that you be generous with a “free will” donation. Donations help us keep our Center going, help fund our newsletter, and pay the stipend and travel expenses for our speakers. None of the money donated goes to Board members or volunteers. As is usual when you work for the Lord, the only thing we all receive is “heavenly benefits.”

Please be generous in your donations. You can send a little extra with your subscription or just send a check to:

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We are a tax-deductible organization so you can deduct it from your income tax. Any donation over $25 will receive a return receipt. For any other amount, if you wish a receipt, please request it when sending your donation.

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As always, we thank you for your generosity. God bless you!