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The Marian Observer is our monthly eight page newsletter. The Marian Observer will keep you informed of all our Peace Center activities, as well as other Marian and Eucharistic events in the area. The Observer is timely, well-written, and inspirational. A few comments from our readers:

I really learn so much. You have information I do not find in other Catholic magazines. (G.W.)

Thank you for your most inspiring newsletter. It is always a bright light in the month when I receive it. (M.E.G.)

Your publication is most timely ... many reminders and reviews for my own benefit and to help me explain to others the jewels and depth of our Catholic Faith. (J.R.)

I took a brief minute to go through the November issue and it’s outstanding! (L.M.)

You’re doing a fabulous job for Mary ...’ (Jennie)

I look forward to the Marian Observer; your articles are always interesting. (H.B.)

Editor: Eleanor Burley


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Here Are a Couple Free Samples:

Marian Observer, April 2016
Marian Observer, October 2017

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