Corona Virus Notice:

Since we are unable to run events during the present medical crisis, our funds are dropping even lower than before. Please be patient with us as we sort this out. And above all, pray that God accomplishes through this holy trial the salvation of sinners and the glorification of His Holy Name. We hope that you and yours are safe--in the Lord's will, and in good health. Amen!

We are unable to send our newsletter, the "Marian Observer" through the mail, but will be glad to send it electronically if you give us your email address. Please Contact Us if interested.

The Marian Peace Center of Detroit is a non-profit organization that exists to spread the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary as revealed in Medjugorje and other apparition sites.

We are dedicated to helping people live and spread peace by giving themselves to Jesus through Our Lady's call of prayer, fasting, conversion, penance, and faith.

This is how we work  

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For more information regarding the guardianship and hosting the portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe in your home, church, school, or ... Click Here

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The Marian Peace Center of Detroit
Established 1991